Possible Bug: Bees

Possible bug on bees game, XBox360 version

My daughter has been playing this. Got to the section where you are in the van with queen bee holding Wallace.

Went to look at dashboard, opened glovebox, got crank, openend sunroof, closed glovebox, click autopilot.

Now the screen says 'Press B to exit', but B button does nothing. I've tried every combination of items, sunroof positions and glovebox position, but still cannot exit the screen. Exiting game and loading the save gives the same issue - still stuck on this screen.

Have I missed something or is this a bug. Cannot get past this point.



  • I have had this same issue. Never got a reply or fix for it. I could only delete and reinstall game to get past it. It is a bug. There is no patch for it.

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