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Tell Tale Disappointment

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Im a huge than of the classic point & click games! From Space Quest, Indiana jones & the fate of atlantis, The Dig all the way to Day of the tentacle and full throttle. But honestly do not understand the need for the latest exclusives and episodes. If your going to make a game release it for everyone to play! Im currently playing Walking Dead on 360 and would like tales from monkey island, back to the future and jurassic park also. But make a game and release it! not a bit at a time! Just release the damn game on every platform all at once!
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  • You could wait until it was all released.
  • Well, Jurassic Park was all at once. That's about all there is to say. I don't think anyone is especially glad the episode releases are so far apart, we've just gotten used to it. There's not really much of a defence for it that doesn't have valid counterpoints. Let's face it though, no one here really wants them to use Jurassic Park as a game model. I didn't mind it so much as a one off experience, but yeah, don't do that again.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    What's up in this forum? Criticizing Telltale for episodic gaming is like criticizing water for being wet.

    The two belong together. Nothing against getting complete adventure games, but the Telltale question was always: What can they achieve in a month? Seriously, in the golden times, the question was even: "What franchise will I play in three months?", because release and announcement were only so far apart. I loved that.
  • Releasing games episodically is the way Telltale's worked right from the start. If you're only now jumping on-board and finding this a problem, congratulations! You didn't do your homework!

    Episodic games works in some ways and doesn't in others. In its favour is the fact that each episode can be radically different in tone - Strong Bad was a great example of this. Another positive is that Telltale can incorporate feedback from the earlier episodes into the later ones. We saw this with Sam & Max Save the World. Also, being more spaced out means more attention and with that, more people becoming interested and trying it.

    On the downside, it does mean you'll have to wait for each new episode, and each one is relatively short (though compared to Modern Warfare 3, that's not so big an issue!).

    If you seriously have an issue with the episodic method, then either wait until all the episodes are out before playing or, shock horror, don't play them at all. It's how the company works and it's done them pretty well so far, so I highly doubt they'll be changing tactics any time soon.
  • I like the episodic style of their games, that's why I'm here to begin with. The thing is, not everyone likes it, but still enjoy their games. If you don't like it or understand it, nothing said will make you happy and yes, this will be a constant frustration to a lot of gamers. The more exposure TTG gets, the more people will be thrust into this unfamiliar territory. I'm actually surprised we're not getting a whole lot more of these posts(yes, I know they're all over the game forums). I think almost everyone's immediate thought is "wtf?". Whether one grows to like it, accept it or resent it, it's not going away. As Vainamoinen pointed out, this IS Telltale Games.
  • I just wish there was a way to play an entire season once it's finished without dropping back to desktop after every episode.
  • Chyron8472;608765 said:
    I just wish there was a way to play an entire season once it's finished without dropping back to desktop after every episode.
    You can... with JP and, once completed, TWD ;)
  • I mean I wish there was a way for seasons I actually care about. :rolleyes:

  • There's a probably a way to create a .BAT file that executes each game in order, so you wouldn't have to actually click on the next one. Of course, then you wouldn't be able to change your mind and quit in the middle of episode 3 without episode 4 suddenly starting up....
  • I don't mind having to pause in between episodes of Sam and Max Season 3 or Tales of Monkey Island because I like seeing my name in the credits. But the others games, yeah it would be nice to have a seamless playthrough option for the final version.
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