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[WD] How to delete login information?

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Hi there

I purchased The Walking Dead in the Telltale Store and created a new account for that. After installing and starting the game, I was asked to log into my telltale account. Unfortunately, it seems I already had a a telltale account before (or at least a forum account) with the same password and I logged into that one. So now, the game keeps telling me, that my account do not have a license for The Walking Dead (which is right because it is bound to the new created account) and asks, if I would like to go to the Telltale Site to purchase one. If I click "No", it just takes me back to the "Click to continue" screen (where I get that message again).
I don't have found any option to log out of the account. Neither reinstalling the game (with the option "delete all options and savegames" on uninstall) nor deleting the "Walking Dead" folder in "My Documents\Telltale Games" gave me the possibility to get the login screen again to log in with the right account.
So, long story short: How can I delete the account information with which I logged into The Walking Dead?

Thanks already for the assistance
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  • Just found the solution myself.
    If someone else is having that problem: To clear the login information, just delete the "login" and "pwd" entries in the registry under the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Telltale Games\Launcher" key.
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