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Unable to Launch Walking dead with Steam under Win7 (x64)

posted by BorisE77 on - last edited - Viewed by 330 users

today i've bought "the walking dead" and installed it on my pc:

OS: Windows 7 - Professional (x64) with SP1
Graphic: NVIDIA GTX 260 (896 MB) - Driver 296.10
Memory: 12GB
CPU: Intel Core i5 2.66 Ghz

- Before installation I started Steam with Administrator rights (run as administrator).
Performed checks:
- Drivers are up2date.
- Gamefiles have been successfully validated
- Re-Installation of the game doesn't fix the problem
- Anti-Virus and Daemon Tools are disabled
- ClientRegistry.blob was deleted once to perform full reinitialisation of steam.exe

I can send system information in an nfo-file on demand to a trusted supporter from telltale.

Please fix this problem or in case this bug is not going to be adressed, prepare a credit advice in collaboration with Valve (steam platform provider).

Thanks in advance..

Boris E.
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  • Note:
    At the very first Start a Window popped up with the message "WalkingDead101.exe doesn't respond". Since this moment i can start the game, but nothing happens. Even a doubleclick on "WalkingDead101.exe" without Steam (as Administrator) doesn't help.
  • Am i really the only person who can't run this game under Steam (even with disabling the internet).
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