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Bundle Question (issue-58663)

posted by mr.guineapig on - last edited - Viewed by 132 users
I submitted this via e-mail on 4/27; no one ever replied. So, here goes again:

While browsing the site, I stumbled across the "Almost Everything Pack". Alas, I already have "Back to the Future" (great game!!), and even though the Pack is a great deal even with the overlap, I hate to waste a good game. Would it be possible to:

1) Substitute a different game for BTTF (Wallace and Gromit, perhaps?) or
2) Gift the BTTF game to someone else?

I realize that either scenario may not be possible,but it never hurts to ask!
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    The games cannot be substituted of gifted, the "Almost Everything" pack is an as-is deal. Still a pretty good opportunity even if you already have BTTF though.
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