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Diablo 3

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Anyone here going to play Diablo 3?

Diablo 1 and 2 were both classics

Diablo 3 also lookes awesome (althrough not as "groundbreaking"). I played in the open beta, but whoever didnt can learn more about what type of game it is by reading the walkthrough:
Diablo 3 Walkthrough

whats cool is that you can coop with friends and take on bosses together. also that the dungeons are randomized

who else is gonna play it?
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  • Well, as it probably cost you quite some time to dig out one of my quotes from mid-February (when I was young and handsome), I readily forgive that you misused it. ;)

    No. I remembered it and it could have only been in one of 2 threads. It was easy to find. :D
  • Pre-ordered and waiting with positive anticipation, and it looks like I am a rare breed. :P
  • Pre-ordered and waiting with positive anticipation, and it looks like I am a rare breed. :P

    Unfortunately you are not. But you are in this thread.
  • Not me. The game is installed and I've already seen the pixelated intro.


    But my copy did not arrive yet.
  • I've got my department graduation tomorrow... and I haven't preordered....

    So, nope. Sometime this week, though.
  • AFTER the semester's over. Got enough to do right now.
  • Just a warning: Don't watch the "Behind The Scenes" DVD before finishing the game. They will spoil the plot in that. Completely.
  • Never played any of 'em. I think I might just buy 2 and be done with it.
  • While the mechanics are different (was slightly saddened by that) the game is still incredibly addictive. I mean, I replayed the beta over and over again. Even though I absolutely adore Diablo II, I'm interested to see what III has to offer later down the road.

    And I probably won't be affected at all by the online DRM thing (though I hope they release a patch to allow offline single player stuff) because I generally only played multiplayer with Diablo II anyways.

    The one thing I'm rather worried about is synergy skills. One of my favorite things to do in Diablo II was work out parties that would have a good mix of "self-help" skills to make them nicely overpowered. Like I loved having a paladin/necromancer team in Diablo II, since the paladin could buff up all the necromancer's minions, and then the necromancer could use a life tap curse to constantly heal the paladin. I didn't really see anything like that in D3. But then again, I only unlocked the first three skill types for each character, so maybe that stuff shows up later on.

    I guess long story short, I'll probably be happy provided the new way of character building allows for enough strategy. And yeah, I agree with der ketzer that Starcraft 2 was somewhat disappointing, at least for someone like me who likes to play RTS games in single player. Campaign was WAY too easy for that game.
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