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Diablo 3

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Anyone here going to play Diablo 3?

Diablo 1 and 2 were both classics

Diablo 3 also lookes awesome (althrough not as "groundbreaking"). I played in the open beta, but whoever didnt can learn more about what type of game it is by reading the walkthrough:
Diablo 3 Walkthrough

whats cool is that you can coop with friends and take on bosses together. also that the dungeons are randomized

who else is gonna play it?
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  • Games for Windows live makes Dead Rising 2 - Off the Record unplayable unless you have i5 or i7 CPUs.

    I'm just throwing that out there.


    I'm still not getting Diablo 3. Even for morbid curiousity.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Well, maybe. The bad reviews on haven't cooled off yet, after three weeks. We're at 2,642 one-star reviews right now (thrice the amount of That IS a very bad sign for the overall quality, as you'd expect more players to find their fun with this game as time progresses (and servers are more stable... or aren't they???).
  • no servers are still luck based.
  • Yeah, I don't even remotely care about Diablo, but I still thought PC users are getting the raw end of the deal with this. Not cool, Blizzard. Not. Cool.
  • Well, Diablo II didn't really have much of a story either. The fun was in the co-op, coming up with broken ways of recombining loot, skills, stats and other people to get through the game without dying. Like Comrade Mortis and I totally destroyed the game with our Paladin/Necromancer combo of goodness.

    It seems a lot harder to do that in Diablo III.
  • Well, Diablo II didn't really have much of a story either.

    I am not complaining that D3 has too little story. I'm complaining it has too much. And the player get's annoyed by it constantly. Ways blocked until some dialogue finishes, constant main dialogue overlays over the screen stopping me from selling stuff under those boxes etc.
    It was bad the first time around. On repeated playthroughs it just gets annoying.
  • Yeah, at least you could skip through all the dialogue in Diablo II subsequent times around. Though I always liked the prince dude in the second act talk about how he "saved" all the concubines out of the good of his heart. And I'm like... yeah. Saved. Just because he's a nice guy.

    Of course, they all got murdered by demons so... yeah.
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