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Mac controls help

posted by dacktyl on - last edited - Viewed by 2.1K users
This is SO IRRITATING! I cannot get the game to respond to commands... and I am in the VERY BEGINNING of this game.

I'm stuck trying to open a door, but it won't let me choose the "hand" to open it - and there are no instructions as to what controls goes with which - I look in the game itself and there's an Xbox controller, which must be nice for people with an Xbox, but I purchased the game for MAC and there isn't a similar key...

Can anyone help me and let me know HOW I CHOOSE THE HAND TO OPEN THIS DOOR so I don't have to hear the character say "I wonder if anyone is home" for the fifteenthousandth time?

Please excuse my frustration, but it is directed at the game developers who don't think a proper key for the platform sold should accompany the game.

So much for spending my extremely rare down time having a little mindless fun... :mad:
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  • I recommend to replay the first level (in the cop car). On top of the screen there are tutorial notifications how to play this game.
    It tells you things like: Move your mouse to look around.

    BTW: your question has been asked and answered several times in this forum already. As far as I read, you can use the number keys on your keyboard but better re-play the game if you missed all tutorials.
  • I had the same problem, it can be weeks sometimes between sessions, so remembering the exact key controls can be difficult. Use the number keys on your keyboard to choose an action when prompted.

    Here are some shortcuts that may help:
    W or up arrow key - move forward
    A or left arrow key - move left
    S or down arrow key - move back
    D or right arrow key - move right
    Q - wrestle (tap rapidly)
    E - shove
    1-4 - dialogue
    mouse wheel - scroll for dialogue
    left click for choices
    right click was only used once, to back out of handling an object
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