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Default Unpacking Directory problem

posted by zorg19 on - last edited - Viewed by 499 users
hello so in a haste to play sam & max I got the download manager to download episode 2 into the default folder that the download manager specified...

didn't get the best look at it but i think it was.


only problem is that the downloaded file is no where to be found on my computer. Even by searching for it on my computer.

I got a bit smarter and downloaded episode 1 to a specific folder and the file shows up just fine.


I tried to re-download the file and get this message when the manager loads

"Didn't find any files remaining to do! Download Manager is finished!"

The manager closes and I'm now stuck because I can't find that default download folder.....

any help would be great....
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    The default download folder is usually Desktop\Downloads\[downloaded file].exe. Check there maybe?
  • It looks like there was no folder created called Desktop on my computer or even physically on my 'Desktop' (ie C:\Documents and Settings\Main\Desktop\ )...there is no folder called 'Downloads' anywhere except for the one I specifically created for episode 1.

    Which is C:\Downloads

    Once I found out I had this problem I made sure to specify the folder. Unfortunatly I now only have episodes 1,5, and 6 on my machine

    2 through 4 were all downloaded to the default download folder...and they don't exist on my computer.

    As a last ditch effort I searched for all files with '.exe' and only found the games that I had already installed and nothing of the missing downloaded files.

    More interesting is when I deleted the downloaded file for episode 1,( the file that the Download Manager...downloads) I still get the message "Didn't find any files remaining to do! Download Manager is finished!" when I try to re-download episode 1. I am curious to know if the download manager checks for a registry key or does it actually check for the file?

    It seems that a download manager was running in secret in the background which was only viewable from the proccesses tab in the task manager. After stopping the proccess I can run the download manager for episode 2 and am currently downloading the file.
    Okay and for some reason the file was downloaded to: "C:\Document and Settings\Main\Desktop\Downloads".

    Any reason why this wouldn't work the first download? Anyways crysis works
  • This download manager is Digital River's domain (they're the company that does our ecommerce) and I don't know too much about the ins and outs of how it works, but I suspect you couldn't redownload episode 1 by clicking the shortcut because it is pointing at something local that tells it the status of that particular download, rather than pointing at the link your download came from. If you had looked up the order here you would have been able to redownload that episode to a different location.

    Anyway, I'm glad you figured it out. :) If you have any other problems with the downloads, let us know.
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