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Indiana Jones thread

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Here you can talk about the video games, movies, the upcoming 5th movie, the ride, the Young Indiana Jones TV series, whether or not Telltale should do a game, or anything about the franchise in general. Let it whip!
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  • What do we know of the 5th movie? Besides that it exists and Shia LeDouche is probably gonna be in it?
  • Just scanned the wikipedia article and it looks like they moved away from the idea of Shia taking over as the lead character, so that's good. Other than that all we know is that they've been working on the story for a while now.
  • How can you not love an actor who's name literally translates to "the beef".
    Besides the fact that he's not very good at his job... and seems smug... and is rather annoying. On second thought, fuck the beef.
  • For what it's worth I think he's a totally average actor and I think he does fine in roles where he just has to play a clueless kid on an adventure that's over his head... which is pretty much all he plays anyway. If they start casting him in roles where he has to be more dramatic or more comedic than he's capable of, I'll frown right along with you. But the badness of most of his scenes in Indy 4 were tied more to the fact that the writers gave him exceedingly dumb things to do.

    But we can talk about other aspects of the franchise here. I've never gotten to go on the Indiana Jones ride. They don't have one at Disney in Florida (just the Indy sequence in the Great Movie Ride, which is neat but not very exciting). Someday I'd like to go to Disney in California to see the rides I've missed out on
  • It wasn't that great. The old Back to the Future ride was better.
  • If you all haven't seen Raiding The Lost Ark you should be ashamed of yourselves
  • Ribs;609915 said:
    If you all haven't seen Raiding The Lost Ark you should be ashamed of yourselves
    Oh man. I do not have time to watch that right now, but I will probably watch it tonight. I just watched a minute of it and it looks great
  • There's a DVD version of it up on FanEdit dot something. I was gonna grab that one and throw it in with my other Indy DVDs, but since it's on Vimeo, now I don't have to (though I probably still will).
  • For those of you who wish to know, the rumor is that the new movie is going to be about trying to find the Cross that Jesus Christ died on, and the enemies will be the communist Chinese. This is only a rumor that I have heard. I have also heard that the working title is Indiana Jones and the Cross of Eternal Paradise. What a cheesy choice!
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