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[WD] How do i play the game?

posted by ZiQi on - last edited - Viewed by 148 users
The game stucks at WALKING DEAD and there is a part at the top which says "please visit the site(something along this line)" , how do i enter to start playing??? HELP PLEASE!!:mad::mad:
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  • ...OK. You see along the top of the website there are all these words, like Store and Games and stuff? Well on the very right hand side there should be a space for your Username and Password. Type those in and select GO! to log into your Telltale account.

    Once you've logged in, you should now see a little Joystick icon in the top right. Click on that to get a look at all the games you have access to with your Telltale account. If you've only bought The Walking Dead, then those are the only games you'll have access to, so find Episode One and click the download button next to it (the top button is for PCs and the lower one is for Macs, so make sure you click the right one!).

    Once the episode has downloaded, you'll need to run it to actually install it. Once you've done that, just run the game through the icon created in the start menu to get playing!
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