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Sam and Max Culture Shock doesn't install on Windows XP x64

posted by westenmax on - last edited - Viewed by 511 users
I downloaded the executable file and started. An empty window appears which counts to 100 %. Then nothing happens. The window stays empty.
Has anybody else seen this problem?
I'm using Windows XP Pro 64 Bit.
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    Ok, a few things to try:
    1) Reboot (To discard the Win32 WOW files from memory) and try again (Run from an admin account!)
    2) Reboot and try to start the process in compability mode (Win XP, Win 98, etc)
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    Ryan Telltale Alumni
    Let us know what happens after you try that reboot. If it doesn't work i might have some other things to try..wish we had XP 64 to try here.
  • Perhaps I did make a mistake. I tried what you recommended. But the installation window still kept empty. But when I looked into the installation directory I found the sam&max .exe file. Perhaps it was there the whole time.
    Now everything works.

    Thanks a lot
  • Now everything works.
    Music to my ears. :D

    Enjoy the game!
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    Ryan Telltale Alumni
    Indeed, bravo.
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