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KQ3 Redux OST released (not SE)

posted by MusicallyInspired on - last edited - Viewed by 371 users
I've decided to release the regular game soundtrack seeing as the Special Edition OST I was planning and working on is taking longer than I had hoped (but I still plan on finishing).

This is the original music pack that was used for the game itself. It's got all the music files in there. I don't have all the masters anymore so these aren't the highest quality, but they are listenable and should do for people who have been waiting a while. The special edition soundtrack is not finished yet and will be a while still. Hopefully this can hold people over until it gets done finally. Please note that this is quickly slapped together and not organized at all. But everything should be there. I also included an instrumental version of Coming Home as a bonus.

I know the SE soundtrack has been taking a while and I apologize. Full plate and all. I still intend to finish it, though.

KQ3 Redux Soundtrack (game music files) - ZIP 57.4 MB
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  • Thanks, MI. It's an outstanding soundtrack. Is your work mostly for video games, or something else with games on the side?
  • I've done game covers/remixes for Dwelling of Duels, three game soundtracks (and one unfinished one because the game was canceled), some personal music, and I'm also in a band which I've advertised in the past called EDIFY. Right now I seem to be doing more game music than anything. I'm finishing up the score to Mage's Initiation by Himalaya Studios. Other than that I'm trying to get my band's first album out the door. So a bit of both, I guess.
  • Cool. Can't wait to check out Mage's Initiation.
  • Musically what kind of equipment or software do you use for your music editing?
  • Chyron8472;612711 said:
    No track numbers?
    No. Like I said this is just a quick release for people to have before I get the special edition soundtrack out, which I was going to release as the actual soundtrack (with track numbers, full quality non-looping files, all the trimmings, etc). I just threw the game files in a ZIP and uploaded it.
    BagginsKQ;612730 said:
    Musically what kind of equipment or software do you use for your music editing?
    Cakewalk Sonar X1, Garriton Personal Orchestra 4, a few other plugins maybe. Some of the earlier tracks were recorded from my Roland MT-200 with Sonar 5. This soundtrack stretched way back to the beginning of the millennium, which is why I wanted to update it with my newest software, sound libraries, and equipment for the Special Edition soundtrack release. That's a ways off, though.
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