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A lil' bit o' unseen Steve Purcell artwork posted online...

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Hey, folks.

Thought you guys might be interested -- the cartoonist Mark Martin has recently posted to his blog a wacky series of original drawings that he and Steve Purcell sent back and forth to each other as a result of Mark sending Steve fanmail regarding the first Sam & Max comic back in the late '80s. These drawings were previously only seen by these two cartoonists, so this is a fairly unique opportunity to see a few Purcell drawings no one else has seen before (and Mark is no slouch, himself, dangit -- you guys would probably like his frog character Montgomery Wart).

Here's the blog:

Scroll down to see the first post in the series. Basically the idea is that Mark sent Steve a picture, and then Purcell drew a picture in response, and it went back and forth like that for awhile, getting more ridiculous along the way.

If someone at Telltale could send this link to Steve Purcell, that would be cool, because he himself probably hasn't seen these drawings for over 20 years. Thanks!
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