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Forget inverted controls, I want to use the triggers!!

posted by bonobo_banjo on - last edited - Viewed by 392 users
Just finished the game on PC and loved it, but i kept wishing i could use the right trigger for shootin and killin! (It just feels more natural!)

At the very least some kind of control customization would be nice :)
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  • Its not really a shooter, and trigger controls in a game that requires you to hit the button a zillion times during qte sequences are usually painful. Some of us have to deal with joint pain from possible repetitive motion injuries. So avoiding super button jamming constantly, and especially trigger jamming, is a very good thing.

    If it has shooter moments then I could see trigger action for actually pulling the trigger of a firearm for those sequences.
  • You're not wrong.

    I think that's what i was trying to get at.

    The face and shoulder buttons all have their optimal uses and it would be nice if players got to choose given that two sticks and four buttons are all that is necessary to play the game.
  • In other words, customizable controls? This wouldn't be a bad thing telltale!
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