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Season 3 may have been the last

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Well correct me if I'm wrong... but I fear that Season 3 may well have been the last Sam & Max season, and a Season 4 isn't being planned. :( Well how else can we explain the sudden appearance of all the living characters in the finale?! And I'm taking into account the fact that it was made a few years after S2 - maybe it was a comeback special or something! Your thoughts?
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  • Unless of course the film flops out...
  • Just because a sequel does not come out immediately does not mean that it will never come.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    FrankT wrote: »
    Unless of course the film flops out...


  • Wait a minute, it's been in production that long?!?!?!
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Those were probably the first character design sketches of eventual relevance, so, yeah. ;)
  • I don't think season 3 was the last one, It can't be :P, sure it might take some time to get released. The way I see it is that, I would love to see an announcement on August (Sam & Max's 25th anniversary, Monkeys violating the heavenly temple was apparently released in August '87) and a release early/middle 2013, depending on Fables and King's Quest release dates.
  • I truly hope it isn't. I don't believe in prolonging the death of a series that hasn't been doing well, but the newer seasons of Sam & Max have done nothing but improve.
  • I'd love to see Season 4 in 2013
  • Speaking as both the guy who made a totally mean "don't ever hope" thread, and one who only just processed today that it's been TWO YEARS since season three, I gotta admit: I still have faith this franchise at the very least isn't dead.

    It's got the rockiest history ever, and something keeps saving it over and over.

    It just doesn't die.

    Telltale wise, however, that ending seemed, yeah. I doubt they were thinking "well that's that. Let's never do this again", but you definitely get the sense they were intending to put some closure there, at least for a good while.
    Did telltale get the deal with universal before or after then?
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    wellgolly wrote: »
    it's been TWO YEARS since season three

    Ahhhh no. Since Episode 5 released, only one year, nine months and one day have passed. Yup, I'm counting. :D
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