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Is it possible to transfer ?

posted by ne_zavarj on - last edited - Viewed by 180 users
The steam key of The Walking Dead and Jurassic Park: The Game into my Telltale account ? I'd like to own them in here instead of Steam .
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  • That's not possible, no. Sorry!
  • I bought the season pass for the ps3 version of this game, and have played through both of the current episodes out now counting six seperate times due to 3 corrputed save file glitches. I didn't mind so much the first time, started getting irritated the second time, now I'm just downright angry after losing about 24 hours worth of total game time. Apparently I'm not the only one having these sorts of problems with ps3, and I'm wondering if TTG might provide me a refund or, preferably, a way to get the pc version?
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