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The Answering machine... Stuck Dam

posted by petrowe on - last edited - Viewed by 981 users
How do you get the machine to start reading the messages?:(:(
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  • It works like all the other interactive things. Look at it until, focus on that white dot, then select the action.

    This game has a tutorial while you play. The tutorial text is shown on top left. Maybe you should restart the game if you missed it.
  • Come on man - it does not work like the other ones. I click the cupboard over the left with easy. I notice the door and answering machine is a WTF..:confused::confused::confused:
  • Of course it does. Did you read the tutorial already?
    I don't know if you play this game on PC or console therefore I cannot give exact instructions.
    Each item can have up to 4 different interaction options. Each option is either represented by a button on the game controller or a key on your keyboard. So move the cursor (or whatever that is) until you see the white dot, then select the desired interaction.
  • Dam - just restart and now got stuck at the dam door... :eek::eek::eek::eek:
  • Yeah I am seeing the white dot and the eye. I am looking at the door and now i am looking for spot to be in......DANG!
  • Helppppppp - some body any body... LMAO
  • I wonder if I can get refund..... DAM! should be this difficult.
  • did u pick up the walkie talkie yet also i think that something triggers the answering machine try walking around where the bookcase is blocking the stairs if that doesn't do i its probably a glitch and u should reinstall
  • So you restarted the game and did not read the instructions, again?

    Look at the image, the first option is to "look" at the door, the second one is to "grab" the dor. So either use your mouse wheel to scroll through the options or use the keys 1 or 2. (Obviously it would be 3 or even 4 if more options are available). But again, how were you able to miss these instructions after you played the tutorial twice?
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