Episode 5 Bug Parkers Bug Plant

I forgot parker's bug plant at the expo in the phone of the future, and now im at Mary Pickford house, and the hint tells me to play back the bug recorder to Edna to refresh her memory. And the problem is, I don't got it, it's at the school expo when it disapeared.

I don't know if this was a bug not reported or what.

Here is the saved file.
Edna's Cabin

Add this .save file to My Documents\Telltale Games\Episode 5
To see the bug.


  • JenniferJennifer Moderator
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    That's weird. You shouldn't have been able to get past the fair without having the plant in your inventory to show to Parker, because without it Parker wouldn't charge Edna for the arson.

    Post this problem in Telltale's game support section. Telltale's staff will be more likely to see your problem and help you there.
  • puzzleboxpuzzlebox Telltale Alumni
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    I think it's possible to put the plant down again at the expo, but you need it once you get to the cabin. Can you just restore an earlier save where you're still at the expo?
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    Yeah I got a backup save before the cabin, I just wanted to report this issue. Like if someone thought they didn't need the bug plant later, but you do need it again for Edna to remember. But yeah just for someone new playing the game may not know they need to keep the plant for Edna, I just put the bug plant in the phone booth of the future, and played it until I got to Edna's Cabin, and ended up stuck without the bug plant.
    kinda like you discard the item out of your inventory.

    But to let your know it did autosave me at Edna's Cabin. So I wouldn't have gone back to the expo if I didn't save the game myself.
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