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Derek Karlavaegen

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This is more of an extension to this topic here but a little more specific.

Who would like to see a new guidebook by Derek Karlavaegen as a PDF or bonus item included with the boxed set of Telltale's new King's Quest game?

If anyone doesn't know who Derek is, he is an old explorer and wanderer who landed the Green Isles, nearly twenty years before KQ6. He wrote the Guidebook to the Land of the Green Isles, the manual and pack-in copyright protection for KQ6. This is the thing I wonder if they should create for telltale's KQ to have the feel of the early KQ games that had such manuals, with stories, etc.

He was in his Mid 30s to 40s at the time of Guidebook, and somewhere in his 50 to 60s around the time of KQ6.


I have put together a very detailed biography of him on the KQ wiki (including everything there is to know about his history, personality, and interactions with other KQ characters, and others);

Derek Karlavaegen's biography

The short version (but do please read the long version) is he wrote the Guidebook to the Land of the Green Isles, and decades later, went on to record the events of King's Quest 3, in an interview with Alexander. He moved into Manannan's house, a few weeks later, where he discovered the Eye Between the Worlds.

Prince Alexander's Own Story! Exclusive Interview

Eye Between the Worlds

The eye is a mechanical computer (perhaps built by Pope Sylvester or Manannan) that allowed him to send messages one way to 20th century Earth (he called it the Other World), in hopes that someone would discover them. The Eye was discovered in the bookshelves near Manannan's desk, and can be seen in the game, KQ3.


Later he recorded the events of KQ5, after visiting and interviewing King Graham. He gave Alexander a copy of the Guidebook to the Land of the Green Isles to help him learn about the kingdom before he got there (Alex lost the copy in the shipreck, but had memorized the Ancient Ones language and myths, allowing him to scale the cliffs, and make his way through the traps of the catacombs).

He was later invited to Alexander's wedding, and wrote the chronicle of KQ6 events to be placed in the archives of both kingdoms.

He is one of Alexander's closest friends (whom he respects and trusts deeply), and had been for a long time. He has spent much time hobnobing around in the royal courts of both kingdoms, and has deep respect for King Graham as well.
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  • Is this another Mask of Eternity thread? Really? REALLY?

  • Less of a thread, and more a persistent wall of text.
  • Seriously.

    Let the KQ8 stuff go, man. Or create a KQ8/Mask of Eternity Thunderdome thread where you can talk about this endlessly.

    We're talking about Derek Karlavelveeta here, and how unimportant to King's Quest he is.

  • My taint is itching FURIOUSLY now. It's times like this when I envy women their Karlavaginas--they don't have to deal with the scourge of taint itch.
  • BagginsKQ;616420 said:

    BTW, I don't appreciate both of you hijacking this thread


    Oh man...hoo boy...oh that was a good laugh. *wipes tears*

    Hehehe, anyways, I actually think something fun could be down with Derek in a game of his own, actually. Now *he* could be a good spin-off candidate, whatwith being already semi-incorporated into the world, and an explorer as well.
  • You know what, as lame as I find Derek in the companions - that's not a bad idea. He would be a cool character for a KQ Spin Off.

  • Did you find him lame in the Guidebook to the Land of the Green isles too? Because in that if you follow it he was on a bit of an adventure of his own through the Green Isles... there is a stand-alone story told in the book pretty much, along with all the ingame backhistory.
  • Honestly, Baggins, not as much. It's the Eye To The Other World crap where he communicates to Peter Spear that I find lame.

    I do think he'd be a good protagonist for a Quest spin off. He's out to catalog and write about lands in the world of Daventry and gets sucked into his own adventure. I would pay for that, actually.

  • I'm not that big a fan of the 'eye between the world', "down the rabbit hole/through the looking glass"/"lion witch, and the wardrobe/portal to narnia" stuff either.

    I prefer Roberta's the world was long, time ago, in midieval times, when unicorns walked the Earth (Hyborian Age/Middle-Earthian 3rd Age)-type backstory. Even if it comes down to archaeologists digging around the ruins of Daventry type explanations!

    Then there is the 'sierra town' idea, :p... See PQ1, and PQ2, and other assorted sierra games playing with this idea... Ya, pretty silly.

    BTW, does anyone know if its possible to access this easter egg in KQ1 (these are from the game script)?
    "Even as you are reaching for your medevial flamethrower, the King's agents descend upon you. You are taken away to be torched at dawn."

    "Before exposing your flamethrower, you decide the King is just beyond the range of your obsolete flamethrower."
  • Blackthorne519;616742 said:
    Derek Karlavelveeta
    I laugh every time I think about this.
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