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[WD] Missing Textures

posted by Anitrex on - last edited - Viewed by 513 users
Game:Walking Dead Episode 1

System Specs:HP Dv6 6017tx
Gpu: Ati 6770m
Ram:4 Gb

Problem:Missing Textures

Half the textures in the game are missing.

For Eg: In the starting scene...The lower part of the car is visible while the upper part is missing!
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  • I had this issue on Steam once with Oblivion.

    Right click on the game -> properties->local files -> verify file integrity.

    This hopefully will fix it (post if it doesn't so someone else may be inclined to make a suggestion)
  • Thanks, I was having this issue too
  • Got the problem.
    When i run the game on Intel HD Graphics it runs fine.

    I am only having the problem when i run the game on my dedicated GPU(ATI 6770m)

    I can't run the game on Intel HD with all the bells and whistles turned on!
    I wan't to run it on my Dedicated GPU...What should i do?
  • Thanks, I also met this problem!
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