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Tales from E3

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Figured I'd post some of the headlines from E3.

- Halo 4 looks... interesting.
- FIFA 13 will use Kinect to allow you to swear at the Referee (and promptly get booked for it)
- Gears of War: Judgement features Baird and Cole as its leads, who take the fight to the Locusts.
- There'll be voice commands in Madden 13 as well.
- Ascend: New Gods allows for interplay between the 360 and a Windows Phone as well as look pretty.
- Tomb Raider: Reboot will have timed exclusive DLC for the XBox and looks a hell of a lot like Uncharted.
- The XBox Smart Glass will let you use your iPhone to control your 360.
- Have some more footage from Black Ops 2. ALSO: more timed DLC for the 360.
- The inevitable Dance Central 3 does indeed exist. There's a focus on 'classic' music in this one.
- LocusCycle exists and it looks like Carmageddon... ON BIKES. Excuse me while I squee.
- XBox Music will let you buy and stream music on your console, phone or tablet.
- Have some shakey-cam Halo 4 gameplay footage.
- The 360 is getting a web browser at long last - and of course, it's Internet Explorer so no-one will use it.

- The WiiU's Smartphone Integration won't be ready at launch.
- It's just a rumour, but there may be a new 3DS model coming. Confirmed. OR IS IT?
- Nintendo's got SO MUCH STUFF to show off, it's holding a separate 3DS event on Wednesday evening.
- Rayman Legends looks INSANE on the WiiU.
- Killer Freaks from Outer Space is now known as ZombiU. The start of a trend? Ugh.
- Avengers: Battle for Earth will feature Spider-Man and the X-Men. SWEET.
- Chasing Aurora looks beautiful.Tell me I'm wrong.

- Dust 514 will be on the Vita via a little app thingy that you'll happily live without.
- From the guys behind Heavy Rain, introducing Beyond (with Ellen Page). Some images.
- Sony All-Stars will have cross-PS3/Vita play, and Big Daddy (with Little Sister).
- New DLC will let you control LittleBigPlanet2 with your Vita.
- Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified: Convoluted Name will be coming to the Vita.
- Assassin's Creed: Liberation is a Vita-exclusive title with a lady as the lead.
- Here's Wonderbook. I literally cannot describe it myself. It's... it's odd.
- God of War: Ascension will hit NEXT March. Here's a look at the multiplayer.
- Sports Champions 2 exists. As if anyone still cares.
- LittleBigPlanet Karting has a grappling hook. This automatically makes it interesting.
- The Last of Us is kind looks just as brutal at the setting suggests.

- Splinter Cell: Blacklist continues the tradition of moving away from classic Splinter Cell, this time with no Ironside!
(Yes, no Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher. Boo! Also, here's another trailer.
- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be download only and on consoles as well as PC/Mac.
- Leron Kennedy looks more badass than Chris Redfield in ResEvil 6.
- South Park: Way of the Stick looks awesome. That is all.
- New Forza. This one's called Forza Horizon and will feature, of all things, horizons.
- The Devil May Cry reboot has a trailer now. Stilll don't like Dante's new look though.
- Better look at the good X-Com game. Anyone else think the music's from Tron?
- Here's a trailer for the new Sin SIM City.
- Oh hey, Star Wars: The Old Republic's getting an expansion.
- Here's a teaser for Dead Space 3's co-op. Here's what they've changed. Still lovin' it.
- EA's picked up the license for UFC, meaning it'll now be a yearly release that never bloody changes.
- Some Medal of Honor: Warfighter for you. And here's another video.
- Madden NFL 13 will have real-time physics. Uh, woo?
- The Need for Speed rebooty-thing (aka NFS: Most Wanted) was shown off as well.
- Want some Crysis 3? Well, tough. Here's some Crysis 3.
- Here's some footage from Far Cry 3. Remember - this is one story out of LOADS.
Also, it'll have four-player co-op, though how that'll work I'm not sure.
- Assassin's Creed III looks awesome both in motion (thrice even) and in screenshots.
- A new IP? AH! Watch Dogs looks pretty good, too. ALso: Screenies.
- Just Dance 4 exists (of course it bloody does). What more can I say?
- SimCity: Reboot still looks good, BUT HAS ALWAYS-ON DRM. FUCK YOU EA.
- Never thought I'd say this of a STAR WARs game, but 1313 looks amazing.

- So, Iron Man 3 started filming today. At Epic Games. Yep, THAT Epic Games.

I'll keep updating this with newer stories. They're breaking all the time, so expect plenty of updates.
(And yes, I use Kotaku as my main news source. This should not be news to you.)
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