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Soundtracks and Soundtracks Only

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Given the proliferation of "The X Threads", I've made a thread committed to music... but only soundtracks! Which ones have caught your interest lately? Why?

I remembered Musically Inspired discussing how he felt the original Batman theme was stronger than the new Batman theme of the Nolan trilogy. While I disagreed, I did agree about one thing... the Danny Elfman soundtrack is amazing.

It's awesome Hollywood music at its best. Bold, big, brassy. "Waltz to the Death" is a creepy track that just invokes the image of Joker dancing along at the top of the cathedral.

The actual Batman theme itself is interwoven into many of the action sequences, and the spirit of this 80s Batman just pops to mind. That raw fighter, cruising along through the skies, forming the Batman silhouette upon the moon. Awesome.
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