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Jurassic Park 4 dinosaurs

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What dinosaurs do you hope to see in Jurassic Park 4? Also do you want them to be accurate from recent fossil evidence or not?
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  • thanks to JPTG, I want so hard to see a marina with Mosasaurs and plesiosaurs.

    I doubt the general viewing public is ready for fullon feathered dinos, so lets stay closer to the franchise's designs.
  • Jurassic Park isn't Jurassic Park without the raptors and the dilophosaurus. Hopefully no one changes the raptors' looks, size, behavior, etc. and the dilophosaurus's frill and venom spitting.
  • My list of JP4 'dinos' would be:
    - T-rex (maybe with a reddish colour like on the first JP rex toy)
    - a small pack of Gigantoraptors (HUGE oviraptorids with feathers)
    - Alaskan Troodon (because it was bigger than regular Troodon)
    - Hatzegopteryx (a big flying reptile that looks cool IMO)
    - Dimetrodon (maybe as an ambush predator in a swamp?)
    - Triceratops
    - Iguanodon (with formidable finger that could impale a man?)
    - Segnosaurus (a delightfully weird-looking ant-eater)
    - Saurolophus (nice crest)
    - ancient birds perhaps?
    - a Mosasaur and Plesiosaurs

    My answer to the second question: they should stick to the fossil records. The first movie established that these creatures were related to birds. The fourth movie could elaborate on that and introduce the idea of feathers.

    That means that I would discard the JP 'Velociraptors' and replace them with a real animals (like the Alaskan Troodons). Also, the T-rex should have very good vision, none of that "it can't see you, if you don't move" silliness.
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