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The Walking Dead: The Game as tv series

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Would it be awesome if this game would become new seasons of the walking dead tv series? Of course the people who did the series might make a few changes but hopefully Lee and the other characters of the game will be part of the story. Won't it be something if the crew members do new seasons based on the game?
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  • would not hold my breath as the red tape alone would probably not be worth it.
  • the game is based on the comic not the show so i highly doubt it the comic and the show are very different both are good though
  • I think that it's going to come down to the series being referred to as Difficulty settings.

    Easy Mode TWDG= Although physically gorey not "yet" psychologically a mind fuck certain limits and gaming regulations prevent it from being too ... Obscene?

    Medium Mode TWDTVS= With a greater freedom then the gaming industry the show is restricted by certain limits. Still might have a few minutes where your stomach screws up as if your were watching an particularly depressing episode of Law and Order SVU.

    Hard Mode TWDGNS= With very little restrictions and the original source these are much darker and gruesome in every single way you might feel sickened after reading them {Don't know haven't read em just assuming based on comments}

    Nightmare Mode RKBTS= Robert Kirkman comes to your house at night and tells you stories in the dark as you try to sleep of TWD tales too graphic for Graphic Novels. He also does this while never letting you turn a light on to see him so all you know is he's their by voice and silhouette and he leaves after the stories done and takes your night light.
  • There's been some talk of Darrel making his way from the show to the comics so who knows? Maybe our band of survivors will get a little easter egg; after all the show and game are both headed towards the same place eventually
  • Duck Zombie;620818 said:
    There's been some talk of Darrel making his way from the show to the comics so who knows?
    It was also hinted that the person on the something to fear cover with the crossbow was Daryl but I think it has turned out to be someone else although there could be two people with crossbows i suppose. I think Kirkman likes to tease fans a little maybe??

    Hmmmm Kirkman reading me nasty graphic bedtime stories? I dont think id be complaining about that long as its not Rise of The Governor. :D
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