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I can't play my games offline after activation

posted by Leroux on - Viewed by 438 users
I've bought the Almost Everything Pack, installed Puzzle Agent 2 and Hector Episode 1 and 2 on my netbook and activated them online by logging into my account, in the hope that I could play them during a long train ride. Everything seemed to work, the games were activated and ran fine.

But when I tried to start them on the train (without online connection), the episode launcher menus came up without clickable hotspots and partially (or in the case of Hector completely) without text and I wasn't able to start them. Back home I connect the netbook to the internet and try again and suddenly everything is back to normal. So I go offline again, try to start the games another time, and they come up with the buggy menus once again and don't allow me to run them. What's up with that? I thought an online connection was only required for the first activation, not every time I want to play my games.

Is there a way to start the episodes directly without the buggy and annoying launcher window? I must say I'm pretty disappointed right now because I trusted Telltale despite not trusting DRM and I was looking forward to pass the time with these games while traveling. I thought it was a good deal, but now I'm kind of glad I didn't even pay more for them.

Screenshot of Puzzle Agent launcher online:
Screenshot of Puzzle Agent launcher offline:
Screenshot of Hector launcher online:
Screenshot of Hector launcher offline:
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