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Help cant play

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had problems right at the get go, the game wouldnt start, got from steam, went to steam support, they said to run in win 98/me compatitability mode, this worked i played game fine. just went to play game again and the wont start, steam's supporrt has diffferent fix its not working. help!!
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  • This has been discussed in this forum before, but I cannot link you to an thread, so you might have to do some reading.
  • I cant play the game anymore either. I tried what was said on this post and still nothing. I tried opening the game from the folder and still nothing..
  • I just bought the game this morning, installed it on my PC and it wont even start. Keeps saying that walkingdead101.exe has stopped working. How do I fix? Seriously, is there anything worse than paying for stuff that doesn't work from the get go?
  • Having the same problem. Money taken and can't play or even find where it was supposed to b downloaded. I assumed it would show up on the desk top like all my other games but nothing searched still nothing but states downloaded successful. Thought finding this game under ORIGINS that it would safe thats where all my other games came from very annoyed. Anyone have any solutions?
  • Well this is awesome I have it on the ps3 and every time I click on the play button, screen goes black then my ps3 goes back to the main playsation menus just like I turned it on.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Hi guys, seems there are a bunch of different issues mixed up in here. Please check the support forum to see if anything there helps to resolve your problem, and if not, start a thread there or respond to an existing one discussing the same issue. Thanks!
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