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Wouldn't it be really cool if...

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Personally imo one of the things that made Jurassic Park disappointing was its staggeringly short length. I finished all scenario on gold in less than 9 hours and started to play through again. While the QTEs and the short length made this hard to call a 'game', I thought the story was actually quite amazing. The characters seems to have a nice story to them and the way they interlinked it with the Nedry event in JP1 was very creative. What I would thin would make the game more worth the price would be if they released some type of patch that after completion of the game would allow for a movie playback of the game. 10 hours is way too short for a game even in yesteryears standards but an 8 hour movie is not bad at the price they charge. Just a thought but if Telltale would be willing, i'd sure be thankful...anyone else agree?
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