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New Direction is Best

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First time poster here!

I'm now 31 and I've played almost all of Sierra's games since I was a kid (yes even Larry... we were cool back then... and how else do you think I learned how to play Blackjack!)

I loved every moment of these games and they really challenged the mind. They hold a special place in my heart.

However, we should get with the times.

King's Quest is a controversial series due to the loyal fanbase; I know it will be hard to please everyone. But I don't think going for a 2D classic game will cut it this time.

I think going for a 3D (please don't kill me) Mask of Eternity style'd game is the way to go, and adding more classic elements from the older games into it.

Think about it; a POLISHED free roam 3D game with classic item hunt and use mechanics with MINOR or REDUCED action sequences with a little more mature themes/humor would be pretty good if pulled off.

I don't want to feel nostalgic; if I want to I'll just replay the games. I want a new direction.

As far as puzzles, they should be challenging but fair. No dead-ends, but death sequences are ok (to provide a sense of urgency).

The best games this new generation for me were Demon's Souls & Dark Souls, simply because the mechanics of minimal plot, addictive combat, and challenge created a great formula. Every mistake you made was yours and you learned from it.

So putting this philosophy into the new game would surely be helpful.

Sorry for the long post!
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  • "Gritty" makes me think of angsty melodrama like sandpaper on skin or fingers on a chalkboard...

    I don't want another TSL, especially an official one...
  • I just think the very idea that it has to be in 3D to be worth playing is utterly ridiculous. I've seen some stunningly beautiful 2D games and movies in HD. I would absolutely relish a beautiful hand-painted HD King's Quest game in two dimensions. It would be fucking incredible.

    Now, I'm fairly certain Telltale won't do the game in 2D, mainly because it's expensive and somewhat less efficient than skinning 3D characters and environments, and part of their episodic model is low costs and fast production times.
  • However this ends, I won't be considering Telltale's KQ "official".
  • If you want something new, why do you want an old name like King's Quest on it?

    Next effin' question.

  • I thought The Whispered World was a beautiful game, and it was 2D.
  • Oy...there's that word again. "Gritty."
    Oh I'm sorry... I didn't know it was such a hated word around here. I guess I have no choice but to accept that the next KQ will have you save Pocahontas and play pick the flowers with Snow White.
    Is 2D animation also "too old school" for you?
    It's not an interactive medium, therefore there is little that can be done to actually progress it other than visual technology.
    If you want something new, why do you want an old name like King's Quest on it?
    Why can't a series evolve with the times? You have some good results, GTA, Metal Gear, Castlevania... in fact, it's games that never try something new that I don't play anymore (JRPGs, Mario games, etc).

    Why do you want to stay locked in the past? We might as well stick to the steam locomotive... it ran fine and it got you where you needed!
  • The problem is that you're not talking about the evolution of King's Quest as an adventure game series. You're talking about a fundamental transformation and calling it evolution. Frankly, Roberta was wrong when she tried it with MOE, which is why so many view it as more of a KQ spin-off than a core game that fits with the others.
  • I really don't see how you can evolve a series without taking some bold steps. This is why JRPGs are criticized and sales have dwindled; they rely on tired and cliche design with little to no evolution.

    MoE was a bold step forward, however flawed it is.
  • Yes, but it was the wrong step for the franchise. Different doesn't always mean good. Virtual reality used to be thought of as the next big thing, but we all know how that turned out. No one cares about VR anymore.

    Again, I point out that there are 2D adventure games which came out recently that are beautiful and are very good games. If people complain about The Whispered World, they complain about the fake choice at the end or else the melancholy attitude of the protagonist, not the fact that it's 2D.

    If you try to say that 3D games sell better, I would counter by saying that games that are marketed well sell better and that that is more important than being forced to use 3D.

    I'm not saying KQ should or shouldn't use 3D (although 3D a la Sam & Max is better than 3D a la MoE). I'm saying it's not required to create a good game that people love and that sells well.

    The reason why Mario and Zelda games are still popular, despite using a similar formula for all their respective games, is that while each game has changes to the gameplay, they don't make too many changes too quickly and keep to a familiar tone for the franchise. Mask of Eternity made a whole lot of changes to the gameplay all at once (eg. protagonist not in Royal Family; 3D; over-the-shoulder camera; emphasis on combat; etc.) to its detriment. If these changes were to be made successfully, they should have been more gradual in the franchise rather than changing a bunch of things all at once.
  • Mario and Zelda suffer from a nostalgic fanbase even moreso than KQ I believe.

    No one complained when Metal Gear moved to 3D with MGS for example. Now playing MG1 or 2 is nostalgia factor only.

    MoE was not a polished game... if it was then I'm sure things wouldn't have been the way they are now.

    Gradual change has also to do with the available technology. In the 80's, there were technical limitations. Now, we have almost infinite choices... it's all about how competent of a developer you are.
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