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Petition for Day of the Tentacle II

posted by HelloCthulhu on - last edited - Viewed by 3.8K users
I really wanna see how many people I can get to sign on this.
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  • Oh you are going to be those guys, huh?
  • Oh you are going to be those guys, huh?
    Which guys?
  • The guys that come into the thread to be the ones to demoralize it.
  • The guys that come into the thread to be the ones to demoralize it.
    I'd prefer to think of myself as the one who comes into the thread with a separate, valid perspective that has no particular reason to be barred from expression. But that's just me.

    If there are threads that need demoralizing, though, this would be fairly near the top for several reasons.

    1. There is already a thread for games people would like to see Telltale make

    2. A sequel to Day of the Tentacle should be Maniac Mansion 3, not "Day of the Tentacle 2".

    3. Day of the Tentacle was a terrible sequel, one of the worst in video game history. Looking at Curse of Monkey Island though, LucasArts has a history of producing terrible sequels that retroactively find themselves enjoying heaps of undue praise.

    4. LucasArt's short span of doing small things with their adventure properties, and even producing adventure-like games in a limited capacity(Lucidity), is obviously over. We had one main executive who said "Let's leverage this stuff", and he was there for a very short duration. We may have to wait for the planets to align again before we see another

    5. Telltale knows people want Manic Mansion 3. DotT is one of the most popular video games in the adventure game space. It constantly tops "best of" lists, for no apparent reason. It's hardly news to anybody that people would purchase a successor to this game if it had the appropriate branding/IP attached to it(because, let's face it, people are more attached to brands than they are to good ideas).
  • I gotta say no as well. But for different reasons. DotT was an enjoyable game, but maybe I was too old when I played it or something because I only felt the compulsion to play it once. If I had to choose a Lucas Arts adventure that I wanted another one of, I'd say Grim Fandango, but even then I really wouldn't want another 'Grim Fandango game' since the story pretty decisively ended there... just something with skeletons as main characters. Actually, maybe I'll just go play Grim Fandango again. It's been an appropriately long time since my last playthrough. I can't remember any of the puzzle solutions.
  • My annoyance is mainly due to the fact LucasFarts have already said they are keeping their old IPs under lock and key for a long time.

    Till a complete overhaul of management happens, its pointless to make threads like these.

    Also what Dashing said... ¬_¬

    (Especially number 1!)
  • My reasoning is the same as Rather Dashing's 2nd point, so no. No "DotT 2". Perhaps a Maniac Mansion 3, but no DotT2.
  • I'm gonna say no, because of peer pressure.
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