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RyanRyan Telltale Alumni
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Good news!! Due to much griping and groaning by staff and gamers alike, we are currently updating TTTH to fix all reported bugs, including the notorious "Split Pot" bug and "Tutorial" bug. Other technical details will be fixed too, most likely only noticeable to the hardcore TTTH fans. This makes us all happy. I'll be sure to include an update when this version becomes available. If you have any questions or comments let me know..


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    Will you publish a list of all the changes made??
  • EmilyEmily Telltale Alumni
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    The major changes are the ones that Ryan mentioned, plus the activation will work on Vista.

    We haven't added this to the site yet. Hope to soon but we hit some snags with the ecommerce system and are waiting to make sure we don't mess up existing orders when we introduce the new version.
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    Is there any chance of scalable resolutions this time around? During the last upgrade, the Bone games received this feature, but Telltale Texas Hold'em did not.

    In any case, my Vista machine will be happy after this update. Every other Telltale game seems to be compatible.
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    Yes the Vista activation fix will be nice.

    Any idea when this new version is going to make an apperance?? Soonish or is it going to be a while do you think
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    Is there an ETA on the new version yet?
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    Still no answer yet as to when this version will be coming =( I miss TTTH.

    I have Vista and it don't like it
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    Any ETA... and what will be in the new version? Will the resolution be changeable? And will there be any new features? I don't really know what is in the current version (besides from the demo), so it'd be good to write that down somewhere!
  • EmilyEmily Telltale Alumni
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    Sorry it's been a while since an update, the issues surrounding our inability to update this game have been really frustrating to me so I think I've subconsciously been avoiding this thread. :/

    The main fixes in the new version are Vista compatibility and fixes to the split pot bug and the tutorial bug. No scalable resolutions, no new features. Koen, the demo is just a time limited version of the whole game. The only thing that's really different once you buy the full version is that you can unlock different card designs as you win. (Well, that plus the fact that you can keep playing forever!)

    If you are a Vista user and/or someone really annoyed by the split pot or tutorial bug, you can email and request access to this new version. We still can't post it to the site due to some issues with the ecommerce system so we're holding off until those get worked out, but it'll at least allow you to play on Vista. It will need to be activated manually using an activation key.
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    I have waited for an update on this for ages. Thanks for finally giving us some hope. I have missed it since switching to Vista so will be glad to play it again.

    I will get an email off post haste


  • EmilyEmily Telltale Alumni
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    No problem, sorry it dragged on so long. I'm still working on getting it available but will hopefully get back to you later today.
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