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Season Set customers - Disc is in the store!

posted by Jake Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 6.5K users
You will find it and many new goodies on the all new Season Set + Disc store page.

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  • Just ordered mine! Was I first, was I first? :)

    International shipping, is it by air or ship, seemed to be the only option for international customers.
  • International shipping is of the regular postal variety. It's supposed to be priority and take 10-14 business days but sometimes takes longer to Europe for reasons that we and our ecommerce guys don't fully understand.

    We turned off the international UPS because we knew from past experience that UPS, $0 products, and customs don't mix well. (Also international UPS shipping is much more expensive, so very few of our customers were using it.)
  • I have a question, I just paid for the shipping for my free disc(already bought the whole game last year) now my problem is that I would like to get 2 t-shirt but when I go to check out, I have to pay for the full shipping cost instead of combine postage, how can I make it so I only need to pay for the combine postage not 2 full shipping cost?
  • What are you seeing for shipping? I just did a test for Melbourne and am seeing $13.95 for shipping for the disc and two t-shirts. Shipping is charged by weight but it's one initial cost plus an incremental cost for additional items. If you ordered each of these items separately you'd probably be charged $9.95 shipping for each order.

    If you're saying that you already placed an order for the disc and now you're trying to place a second order for the shirts, you need to order them all at once to get the combined shipping. If that's what happened, PM me with the order number for the disc by itself and I'll see if we can cancel that so you can order again with all three items together.
  • My order number is 4685378600, I already paid $10.95 for it via PayPal.
  • Holy-moleman-ly! I really didn't expect to see the Season 1 Soundtrack to go up there as well, and I'm SOOOOO happy that it did. Unfortunately the store seems to be a little overrun right now (I'm getting some nasty DigitalRiver error-message), so I have to wait until tomorrow to spend SICK amounts of money. After all I couldn't hold myself back, so I did it... I've ordered my S1-DVD in spite of the HORRENDOUS shipping costs. But since I've also ordered another DVD for my brother, and loads of goodies (Soundtrack, baby, yeah!), shipping "reduces" to only a fraction of that.

    I hope the stuff really gets sent out in late July (or earlier than that), or it'll be too late for it to arrive in time for my brother's birthday.

    One question regarding the soundtrack-set: Is it going to be in a simple cardboard-envelope, or will it get a jewel case? If there's still time: Make Jared and Steve throw together a booklet... use violence if necessary!!
  • Thanx Telltale! Now I have to work some extra hours to have enough money for the 72$ I just spend on Sam&Max goodies :D I kid... I really enjoy spending money in the Telltale store, knowing it's going to some very nice people that make really great games, and after some rather horrid experiences with game companies like ea or atari I feel really good knowing that you guys get my money and not ea or atari :D Oh and the case file goodies are great, nonsensical and totally unnecessary but I love em! Also ordered the soundtrack and like Laserschwert I hope it will come in a nice jewelcase with some nifty booklet :D

    Wenns doch nur eine Paphülle beim SOundtrack gibt kannste dich ja ins Zeug legen und selber was nettes machen. Bist ja der Spezialist für CD Cover *g*
  • S3BR4;33736 said:
    Wenns doch nur eine Paphülle beim SOundtrack gibt kannste dich ja ins Zeug legen und selber was nettes machen. Bist ja der Spezialist für CD Cover *g*
    Ja, wird dann wohl notwendig sein ;)
  • Laserschwert;33737 said:
    Ja, wird dann wohl notwendig sein ;)
    Ja, aber wir können ja auch ne cooperation draus machen, Verpackungsdesign ist ja immerhin mein Job, da sollten wir doch was nettes hin bekommen :D
  • One Bonus Disc, one Ode to the Stuff in the Sink(Grossman-poetry is my kind of poetry) and one S&M Crossbones t-shirt ordered and paid for. As soon as I get my hands on some more money, an order for the case file and the soundtrack will hopefully be placed as well. :D The bonus disc seems divine, but then again, everything related to Sam & Max in one way or another is divine as well...

    S&M is a lifestyle. Don't get me wrong. :D
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