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Little problem and suggestions...

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Like many of us i'm foreing and i do lot of shoping on internet.
It's little sad that many shops (including yours) doesnt pay attention to us enought :( So i come up two suggestions that would help a lot.
1. It's not allways obvious where you shop (country). I mean that information would help a lot when you calculate shipment and taxies.
2. When you do the shopings and go to pay your stuff, it would be very usefull if one could do changes in shopingcart when you actually see how much shipment and taxes cost. That because it's usually very limited how much you can shop without having to pay duty rates.

And now my problem:
I got this email Sam&Max bonusdisk and i was going to buy some t-shirt and hat then i go to see how much it would cost, but i didn't place order yet and now it says invalid code. Please help :(
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    To keep people from trying to use their order number multiple times to get multiple free discs, it only works once. This backfires when something goes wrong with the order, of course :(

    If you write to [email][/email] and include your order number in the email, someone will help you out pronto.

    As for the funky glitches in the store/shopping cart process, if it makes you feel any better, those things have actually kept me awake at night. Right now, once you click Checkout on the shopping cart page, you go to a site that isn't maintained by us - we do our payment processing and order fulfilling through a third party - and there are many little inconsistencies and awkward pieces of user interface on that site that I have no direct control over. We're always working to get things fixed up, but it's a slow process. One of the biggest issues is, as you discovered, you can't go back to your cart once you've left. Believe me, we will address this the second we're able to. For now, sorry for any trouble, and I hope your second time through is painless and yields many awesome Sam & Max goodies!
  • Thanx for fast answer.
    Maybe next time you could warn people that code only work at once, so you could sleep at nights :D
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