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Who did you give food to the first time?

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Me? I gave clem and duck some cheese and crackers, carley the apple and kenny the jerky.

On my " doug version " i tried to give him some food but he refused ( doug is awsome btw, really does make up for the fact that he aint as purdy as carley ) so i gave some to clem ( she LOVES apples btw ) the apple, duck the jerky, and mark and larry the crackers ( at this point, i already knew marks fate from my " carley version " and just felt really bad for him ) and i wanted to be nice to larry also, given his fate.
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  • The kids, Kenny, and Lilly. I wonder what Lee is waiting on? I was for sure Lilly would have gave up the cakes by now after saving Larry's life at the Drug store.
  • I fed Clem and Duck first, because I have an incredible soft spot for children.

    I then spoke to Carly for her advice about who to feed next, and all she did at that juncture was remind me about the tension between Larry and myself, and how feeding Kenny's family might be beneficial down the line. Having already fed Duck, I didn't feel so bad about neglecting Kenny or his wife. Kat was busy and Kenny... well, we were bros. (I say 'were', because after the events in episode 2, we are most assuredly not.)

    I fed Ben, because I reached the same conclusion that Lee did. His camp had been raided days before we found him, and I figured that the poor kid was starving and had one rude welcome. I thought that while it might spark tension in the group, it would help reassure Ben that he was welcome in the group, especially in the event that his coach didn't make it.

    I went over to Mark and Larry: I gave Mark the axe and Larry the jerky. Not necessarily to buy Larry, because his relationship with me was already in shambles, but because he made a comment during my conversation with Mark that made me feel sympathetic. He goes off the rail when you hand Mark the axe, but apologizes (well, apologizes for Larry) and cites his hunger for his irritability. I figured that with his heart condition, I was as responsible for him as I was the children.

    After all the food was gone: Carly understood and was empathetic. Though she was disappointed, she didn't seem to hold a grudge. Kenny approached me and said that I took care of the children first, and that was what "a real man does", and that I earned a place with him in the RV. I'm not sure where your relationship has to stand with Kenny before the rationing begins, but it would seem that you don't have to feed his entire family to earn his approval/recognition.

    Now, since I don't play with the notifications-- I'm not sure how much my rationing meant to Lily and Larry. My relationship with Larry was a mess beforehand, though Lily and I were better. Later, we didn't seem to claw at each other's throats-- but I was definitely coming around and agreeing with them more than I was disagreeing.

    If you feed Larry and not Mark, Mark makes a comment to get away from him because the smell is driving him crazy. He doesn't take kindly to your choice, and makes a snide comment about it later in the episode when you are securing the perimeter fence.

    He was the only person who was readily upset with me at the rationing.

    Edited to add: Did anyone choose to feed Lee? It was a viable option, and I'm curious to know.
  • I gave Clementine and Kenny the cheese and crackers, Duck the apple and I gave Larry the jerky.
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    bubbledncr Telltale Alumni
    I always give Clementine and Duck the cheese and crackers, Mark the jerky, and Carley the apple.
  • I gave Clem the apple, Duck and the New kid the crackers, and jerky for Larry. Figured take care of the children and elderly first.

    My Lee's probably never living down giving Larry the jerky, it was probably what gave him the heart attack, shoul have given him the apple^_^;
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    It was easy following the path of chivalry. The kids, the old man and the women. Worked perfectly. ;)
  • the kids including ben and mark
  • I gave the two crackers to the kids, the apple to Carley & the jerky to Kenny.
  • My first priority was to feed the "hunters," which meant Lee, Kenny, and Mark. I gave some food to Mark, but Kenny wanted to be all like, "Wah, wah, wah, my boy."

    I figured that while it was a nice thought to feed the kids, ultimately the kids are pretty useless, and we need to keep the group effective, so I wasn't going to feed them. However, I fed Duck because Kenny wouldn't accept any, and so at that point, I felt like I should give Clem some food too, so I did. Then, I kept the last bit of food for Lee.

    That new kid doesn't get to stroll into our camp and take our food -- he can starve it out a bit. To hell with Larry. Katja looks like she's got some winter fat to keep her going, so I'm not worried about her, and Carly seemed cool with not eating, so no food for her either. Besides, she was keeping watch, not hunting like the rest of us.
  • Crackers to Clem
    Crackers to Carley got Refused
    Crackers went to Larry
    Apple to Duck
    Jerky to Lilly
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