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Spoilers! Ending Choice!

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So how many people looted the car at the end and why? Personally i took the food becasue no one was around and we needed it. I then told Clementine it was ok. Do you think this small yet big choice will have a larger outcome?
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  • i dont think its a big deal.

    i did both ways just to see what happens and in the trailer (if you dont steal,) clem doesnt have that red Brooklyn hoodie.

    in the end though it prolly wont be that big of a decision.
  • The purpose of RPG choices in games, arent to do both or all.

    Its to go with what you feel is right. Making the hard choices, like in real life, you cant just try it again.

    My game is getting pretty messy with choices, siding with one person the another and such, but i do what i believe is right at the given time.
  • I stole the food from the car since it did look abandoned, and we needed the food + supplies to keep going.
  • I left it be, the rest of the people looted it anyway.
  • I left it be, considering I already traumatized Clementine by killing one of the brothers, I wanted to try and keep her trust a bit more.
    In reality I would of probably said wait and see if anyone returns within a few hours, but sadly that was not a option =\
  • stole the food and that would be my only choice if it was in real life im sure people would steal the food anyways
  • ayemalone;628177 said:

    in the end though it prolly wont be that big of a decision.
    Those sound like they could be some famous last words to me. I wouldn't be surprised at all that in the future we bump into a few random survivors and one of them looks at Clementine and says, "Hey, that hoodie looks really familiar..."

    As for myself, I also ended up taking the supplies. As others have said, the car appears to be abandoned (even if it was recently) and the group really needed the supplies. Although I will admit I would feel horrible if it turns out the car's owner was just a couple meters off in the woods peeing or something. :(
  • i took the supplies, shoudnt leave a car filled with so much supplies in these dark times... even if it was for a quick pee :P
  • I did kill the brothers, but I refused to steal the food. The brothers thing was self-defense, but I figured if I looted that car, I was no better than the bandits. I was disappointed the rest of the group was so crass as to loot.

    Well, actually, I expected that much from Kenny, but I expected better from Carly.
  • I looted the car too.. After all that happened at the farm and no one really got to eat, I figured we were all still starving. One thing I realized about myself in playing EP2, I was a lot less kinder or worried about what Clem would think of me.. It was more about survival.
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