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MAC users install instructions - Episode 2

posted by blackvulcan3 on - last edited - Viewed by 6.7K users
Hi guys,

For those who have had trouble installing "Starved for help" try this and everything should work okay.

Open the game and you will get a message to return to the telltale website to download an update.

Go to your account and choose the Mac icon from the "your purchases" section next tot the walking dead. This is not the second episode, just a vital update. It's about 550MB.

Then once this is done install the game by dragging it from the disk image to the applications folder.

Open the game and now go to Downloadable Content. Episode 2 "Starved for help" should have the word "Get" next to it, click on "Get"

You will now download from inside the game. Do not break connection as it starts again (I found that out at 73%, nice)

Anyway, hope this helps.
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  • yeah but what about the fix?
  • i now have 3 different installs on my computer, just to get to the game screen. And hours wasted trying to download the second episode crashing between 68 and 80% everytime.. might try again in 3 months or when the hatred diffuses
  • Tried 8 times now. No luck. If this isn't fixed tomorrow, I want a full refund.
  • Day 2 of the download never going beyond 27%. I'm beginning to suspect the game isn't really out yet on MAC and this is a farce to create the illusion that it actually is.
  • I just wonder why it says that it's available for mac now on the site. Does it work for some people or didn't they check before they put that up there?
  • OK, I made a test. I started a big download of something else.
    At the same time I started downloading WD episode 2. As always, WD episode 2 stopped at 27% claiming my internet connection must be at fault. Interestingly enough the other download proceeded without interruption, miraculously ignoring that it had temporarily lost the connection to the Internet. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
  • I sure hope they enjoyed their weekend off work....I sure didn't enjoy my weekend wasted trying to install episode 2 with no luck.
  • For any of you having download issues, is the game losing focus at any point during the download? Also, roughly how long is it taking before the download fails?
  • Mike wrote: »
    For any of you having download issues, is the game losing focus at any point during the download? Also, roughly how long is it taking before the download fails?
    my issues have been that the game is VERRRRYYYY slow to start downloading then it trickles along for about an hour or so sometimes less then at 27% or 3% or 85% it will say internet connection lost it has been this way since friday no change just loses the connection at different percentages
    also on the STEAM version of TWD episode 1 works but when I try to start ep 2 I get a black screen and nothing else I attempted on both sites TT and STEAM to uninstall reinstall deleted saved games then played through ep 1 hoping it would trigger a response to somehow get ep 2 to work but nothing has helped me I really love this game and I really want to play ep 2
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!:(
  • I am attempting to download episode 2 on an iMac.
    It is taking about twenty minutes and it gets to about 84% to 87% then I get the connection error. And like others, I know for a fact that it has nothing to do with my internet connection...I just downloaded Left 4 Dead 2 on steam with no problems. I bought the season pass from your website though or else I would have just tried steam. Also I am not taking focus away from the game at any point during the download attempt.
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