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MAC users install instructions - Episode 2

posted by blackvulcan3 on - last edited - Viewed by 6.6K users
Hi guys,

For those who have had trouble installing "Starved for help" try this and everything should work okay.

Open the game and you will get a message to return to the telltale website to download an update.

Go to your account and choose the Mac icon from the "your purchases" section next tot the walking dead. This is not the second episode, just a vital update. It's about 550MB.

Then once this is done install the game by dragging it from the disk image to the applications folder.

Open the game and now go to Downloadable Content. Episode 2 "Starved for help" should have the word "Get" next to it, click on "Get"

You will now download from inside the game. Do not break connection as it starts again (I found that out at 73%, nice)

Anyway, hope this helps.
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  • are they trying to fix these issues ???
    Unfortunately nobody knows... do not receive official updates is really frustrating...
  • I don't know how they usually do here since this is my first time buying something from TT, (and I wonder if trusting them and paying for the whole season up-front was a good idea) but since they haven't said anything at all yet, I think it's at least a week off and will check back again then
  • I've bought quite a few Telltale games for OS X, and they all installed and worked perfectly. I never had any trouble with any game.
    This is the first time that something goes wrong, so in my opinion, I think paying for the whole season was a good idea.
    It's really frustrating that this is working out this way and I'm not sure why the Telltale team doesn't respond to our problems, but I'm pretty sure they're also really bummed out that it turned out this way.
    Maybe they rushed episode 2, just to get it released in June. I can still remember getting an e-mail from Telltale, apologizing for not releasing Jurassic Park in time, and getting a free game of choice for my inconvenience.

    Anyway... it's a shitty situation, but I wouldn't give up on Telltale so quickly. It's not like they enjoy torturing us... I hope...
  • I'm sure they're not happy about it but it's a weird error, that they had a launch for an episode where no one using mac can get it from TT's own client.
    Seems like the sort of thing that should've showed up in testing just by trying to download it on a mac so I thought they were sloppy in testing their games but if you say all the others have worked great, maybe I'll give them the benefit of the doubt
  • Cannot believe they don't even have the common courtesy to admit there is a problem and assure us they're trying to fix it. It's deceitful to new customers who might want to purchase the game.
  • I very much enjoyed the first episode of TWD, and other Telltale games, but this does seem a rather careless approach to customers. We could do with some kind of assurance that the problem is being worked on, as being in the dark like this is pretty damned frustrating...
  • blackvulcan3;630698 said:
    BooNMiNG, before you try the next time, go into your settings and turn off full screen. That way you can still do stuff while it doesn't download.
    thanks for your tips!! haha.. i kept using the COMMAND + Q to quit it..

    been trying for few days in a row.. this is wasting my time.. i wonder is there any announcement from the TTG tech team or whatsoever that they are looking into this issue..

  • i had already sent an email to their support team and hopefully getting a reply. any of us had done so and never get a reply?


    Dear support team,

    I'm writing in regards the constant issues of unable to download "Walking Dead" episode 2 on my Mac even after reinstalling the new .dmg file from the website. There are many Mac users which experienced the exact same sequence as I do and we had already posted on your forum as the link below:

    Once we clicked on "GET" the download would start but it would hang somewhat in the progress no matter how. Our internet connections are proved to be fine as I had downloaded much larger file before and after I was trying to download episode 2 and had no issue at all doing that.

    However there is no news or announcement on the fix is on the way, I hope I would get a tiny bit of dignity as a consumer who paid for a product by getting a reply from your support team that you all are looking into this matter.

    Best regards,
    Boon Ming
  • From Mike:

    "Download issues with the Mac version of the Telltale build (the one downloaded from our site)
    We’re aware that a small percentage of Mac users are having an issue with this, and we are in the process of making changes to how these files are delivered that should resolve this issue. However, please make sure that you have a strong connection to the Internet prior to beginning the download. Anything that causes the game to lose focus, including a screen saver, may also cause the download to stop.


    "I definitely apologize for any frustration these issues may have caused, but please know that they are being investigated and worked on. A patch/title update for the game across all platforms is in the works, but I don't currently have an ETA on when it will be released, or any information on what fixes will be included."
  • Well, it seems it's not a small percentage, but ALL Mac users.
    Or are there Mac users out there who are able to play episode 2 (non-Steam version) already?
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