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TWD: Disconnects on download - HELP!!!

posted by blackvulcan3 on - last edited - Viewed by 4.6K users
I am having dramas downloading from within the mac version, I see others are having this too across a number of threads and also with the PC version.

I have downloaded Episode 2 from within the game 3 times, each time I have got to 73%, 68% and the most recent 64% before it disconnects.

As it is not isolated and I haven't got this problem with other files external to the game (such as the v3 update) please help in checking why this may be occurring.

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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    It could just be a heavy load on the server at this time. Try again a little later tonight.
  • Seriously - this just happened again at 69%, anyone, any thoughts, Telltale employees (who have probably gone home for the weekend now), anyone? Really starting to become annoying.
  • puzzlebox wrote: »
    It could just be a heavy load on the server at this time. Try again a little later tonight.

    Could be right puzzlebox, I'll give it a go later, super frustrated
  • Same with me. Tried 5 times now and it stalls at 68%. Very frustrating!
  • says its unavailable to download at this time in menu? how do I fix this
  • Yup, happened twice at 80% for me. I'm giving up for the night and trying it again tomorrow.
  • If this is server load, I find it strange that it consistently happens at 79-80%...but hey, i'm no tech-wizard.

    Companies that offer DL content should at least give status reports to their customers using that service, ie. "servers are busy. please try again later" or "we are having difficulties are are working to fix them". Other companies at least try to give that service.

    Come on Telltale, get into the service-"game"...
  • I've had it now, 8 times today, and at least the last 4 have happened at 68%. Would really love to be able to download this game, but I'm off to bed.
  • Having the same problem on my Mac. I get to 87% and it gives me the disconnect error every time.

    Just to rule out my Mac as the culprit I installed the game on my wife's PC Laptop... same results, download gets to between 86 and 87% and errors out.

    This is kind of frustrating. First when I got the game it was unavailable and I had to download a copy through Steam (which I don't use). Then in order to download the new episode I had to completely re-download and reinstall the game on my Mac. Now I can't even download the second episode, which for some reason is a second download after the first re-download, due to some other error.

    If this game's rollout continues like this I may just stop trying to play it. My desire to play the game is quickly being overcome by my frustration just trying to "get" the game. Its really, really annoying and doesn't instill a level of confidence in the game or the developer.
  • Lost count how often I tried today. Never got higher than 27%. Giving up for now. I really wish Telltale wasn't so bush-league on a technical level.
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