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[WD] I ran into a few glitches with Episode 2 on Steam

posted by spiritofcat on - Viewed by 287 users
First of all, there's a graphical problem on the load game screen:

Next, here are my stats from Episode 1, showing that I chose to save Duck and to side with Kenny at the drugstore.
However, in the first part of Episode 2 Kenny goes off at me for leaving Duck in danger twice in the past.

I managed to play through Episode 2 without any real problems, but I noticed a typo just near the end of the game:

At the end of episode 2 the stats screen pops up, but there's a problem.
All the text is just placeholders and all the stats are 50%.

After sitting through the credits and finally returning to the main menu, if I choose play and load my newly completed savegame I've lost the option to view stats or rewind for episode 1, and for episode 2 I've got stats, but no rewind, and instead of continue it says COMING SOON.
If I go back to the main menu and check episode status it says COMING SOON for episode 2 there as well, even though I just finished playing it!

If I quit the game after that and then boot it up again, Episode 2 becomes available again, but my savegame reverts to being named Episode 1. Episode 1 gets its stats and rewind options back, but Episode 2 loses its stats option.
If I choose to play Episode 2 then, it loads up at the start of that last scene when we're all walking away from the farm and we find that car.
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