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Episode 1 Error "Larry vs Kenny" (Spoiler)

posted by NeoDragonKnight on - last edited - Viewed by 345 users
I was playing through part 2 (PS3 version) and came to a part where Kenny yelled at me for not backing up his son during the Larry vs Kenny dispute in the pharmacy of Episode 1. However I clearly remembered aiding Kenny. So I went back to play Episode 1 during the dispute. For the final decision in the argument I chose "STOP! (Stop Him)" where Lee threatens Larry not to touch Duck. But, once I completed Episode 1 it shows that I took Larry's side. I am unable to experience the storyline that I want in Episode 2. Was wondering if anyone else had this problem and knows how to fix it? Thanks
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  • I have the same problem on my pc version from steam. I have three saves, in one I've sided with Kenny, on the second I've sided with Larry. Last one is the save of my girlfriend choices, but she too sided wih Kenny.
    When I upload the game's save it's always saying that I've sided with Larry, no matter what save I choose.
    A bug?
  • So I replayed Episode 1 this time I chose the other option to help Kenny which was "Hit him Kenny (Stop Him)." It fixes the problem at the end and shows that you helped Kenny. The only solution I found so far. Not the approach I would like but the fact that you help Kenny carries over. Still I hope they fix their choice problems for future episodes. Hope that helps.
  • I have the same problem. I played episode 2 anyway but it would be nice if I can somehow retroactively fix the bug. I'm hoping siding with Kenny in the first one simply gave different dialogue.
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