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Glitched characters? - Hershel Ep1 & Kenny Ep2

posted by greenj2 on - Viewed by 197 users
I've played through both episodes a couple of times now and have been baffled by some reactions from these guys. It's got me thinking either they're gliched or I'm tripping up on some subtle detail in the dialogue options.

In episode 1, I tried to be completely honest with Hershel about my past on two or three different playthroughs. Every time I get to the finish, the playthrough stats tell me I lied to him.

In episode 2, when I'm conversing with Kenny as he's pushing Duck on the swing, he always tells me I sided against him back in the drug store when Duck was going to be thrown out into the street. Even on my last playthrough where I completely sided with him in the argument, consoled him over Shawn's death, gave his family food and he called me 'a good friend' as we left the store. Ugh.

Anyone else? Or do I just need to work on my people skills?
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