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Want to add more to your order?

posted by Ryan Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 278 users
So we've been getting a bunch of people asking about adding things retroactively to their order. We can't add an item to your present order, but we can cancel your order and allow you to make another purchase, which include the items you wished you had included in the original order. this wont effect how fast you get your merch. There's a bunch of cool, shiny, new stuff, and it gets exciting filling out fields in those order forms I know, it's hard to stay frosty. So if you run into any problems where you wish you had ordered more, just write to support or PM me for an order cancellation.

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  • DVDs are no longer backordered, so we can't do this anymore (by the time we try to get the order cancelled, it's usually already prepped for shipping).
  • Well, unless they bought the case-file as well already... In which case there's still hope for them, right?
  • Yes, but most people who are asking to get their orders canceled were people who got the free disc and then wanted to add stuff to the order.
  • I have the bonus disc + casefile I ordered awhile back and yesterday I ordered the print, sketchbook and soundtrack. I know the casefile and print are going to delay the orders so is there a way that both orders can be combined to save on shipping? I know I've already paid but I thought I'd ask. It's not a biggy anyways!
    Also, are they using boxes instead of soft envelopes for the sketchbooks yet? When I got The Age of S&M it was in a bubble envelope and got slighty bent when the mail man tried to shove it into the mailbox.
  • No, they can't be combined. If you want to cancel both and place a new order for all the items, email support and Ryan can take care of it for you.

    I don't know what kind of packaging they're using for the sketchbooks. We have requested special packaging but the warehouse has been inconsistent in using it.
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