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[TWD] Can't download Ep 2 for PC

posted by Penthotal on - last edited - Viewed by 2.5K users
When I open the game on my PC, I go to "Download content" in order to download the ep.2.

The download starts but after 2-4%, I recive an error message where it tells something like "You haven't a connection, so the download is interrupted. Be sure to have a connection."

Well, my connection works well, so the question is:
how can I resolve the problem?

There is any place where can I download the ep 2 or there is a solution for this situation?
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  • I'm having the same problem. Getting stuck at 28%. When I retry, it rewinds back to 21% and crawls upwards before stopping once again at 28%. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.
  • Yep, same problem for met too, guess it could be because it's the day of release and the servers are busy... Might be worth waiting and trying again later. Little pissed off since i pre ordered, already had to wait an extra month and now can't download the damn thing.:mad:
  • Same story for me. I've tried downloading it three times now, have got the same error. I seem to have made SOME progress seeing as this download started on 14% rather than 0%.

    Just have to keep spamming it I guess.
  • where to download content for episod 2?
  • noheadboy;630676 said:
    where to download content for episod 2?
    You have to run the game, click on "Click to Continue" and you should see a "Download Content" item in the menu below the "Play" item. Best of luck downloading. I've been trying to download all weekend and I've actually made some progress from 48% to 49%.
  • My download content went to 100% and switched to "Installed" but nothing happens. I click to Play then continue and all I get is Episode 1. This sucks.
  • Same problem on the Mac. Stops at 24%, same error message appears and then when I try to download again, restarts from 0%. :-/ Tried downloading 8 times now, same error everytime.

    And to think I bought the game straight from Telltale so they'll make more on my purchase because they won't have to take the Steam cut. Now I regret it and wish I bought it from Steam instead.
  • Yeah, I regret it too. It doesn't look like I'm gonna get to continue with ANY episodes. What a rip off!!
  • Bump! Same problem as OP.

    Disregard. It finally worked.
  • Edro;638001 said:
    Disregard. It finally worked.
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