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I keep getting shot.

posted by Yusuf Koroma on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
I keep getting shot by Brenda. In fact, no conversation or action option icon comes up. I don't even see Zombie up on the steps either. This was my second play through and I don't know why its messing up like this. Do anyone know what the problem?
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  • I had a similar problem. Apparently, trying to move at all (including backwards) will get you shot. So when she starts pointing the gun at you, let go of all the movement keys, and after a moment or two the talk icon should appear somewhere near her waist. When she points the gun back at the hostage, then you can start moving forward again.

    If that doesn't work, then I have no idea what the problem is.
  • Same here I have a ps3 and I can tell you it is a super glitch ! I have read some other forms on this and every one who is not having this problem blames it on the choices you make. No that is not how this game works .... The glitch is that no dialog option appears when it should .some people say that if you lie to Brenda then you get shot, not true. Watch the I.G.N. video walkthrough , Lee lies to Brenda in that and still gets past the stairs . I am super pissed! after waiting 6 weeks to play and I get hung up on an 'effen glitch. I just downloaded it again and I am going to reinstall on my system and see if that does any good. I can't offer any solutions to this problem but you sure have my empathy ....
  • I had to reinstall episode 2 but now I can get past Brenda . So the solution is reinstall the game .
  • Had the problem for a good half hour. I just quit the game and reloaded the save point at the screen door and I started getting the conversation prompts. Glad I didn't have to reinstall.
  • Please read this thread and give my recommendation a try. The problem is not a programming glitch so much as Telltale accidentally made the game difficult for some users who may have slightly worn down controllers.
  • PC gamer here. So I use WASD and had the same issue. I got shot all the time and was super annoyed why this happened until i noticed that I pushed S (BACK) to stop and this also triggers her to shoot you. You must let go of any movement. It is clearly a bug, as pressing BACK (S) should count as stopping.
  • Basic strategy for it, walk forward until she threatens you, then you stop moving completely. mouse over her to try to talk her down or encourage her, rinse and repeat until Brenda goes down.
  • I have re-installed game numerous times. Tried 4 different controllers. Tried all choices and still get shot. My guy continues to roll forward when I let go of stick.

    I also have a friend who was able to beat the episode but on her 2nd save playthrougj she now can't get past it either.

    Glitch or not.FRICKING FIX IT whatever it is. Support ur game and the conplaints
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