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F*** Kenny

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I told myself that I wouldn't do another playthrough until all episodes were out but after ep 2 I have decided to do another run with the sole purpose of treating Kenny like the piece of shit he is. It may not be my canonical playthrough but he has to pay for his cowardice somehow
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  • I'm guessing you sided with Lilly when it came to the Larry situation then?
  • You do understand as long as you have his back he has yours right?

    He ends up saving you at the "Danny execution" scene.
  • Isnt that the glory of this game?
    And why it has ZERO replayability.
  • If you treat Kenny like a piece of crap, who saves you from Danny? Lilly?

    Anyone have tried this?
  • The_Ripper;630551 said:
    If you treat Kenny like a piece of crap, who saves you from Danny? Lilly?

    Anyone have tried this?
    Yeah Lilly comes to your rescue as Kenny just hides in the stall looking scared as hell.
  • On other plays i have WANTED to side with kenny in the meat locker, but i hate the way you have to pull her away
  • Yeah! Lost my respect there... all mouth, no do... What a wanker!
  • Yeah I sided with Lily because, though an ass, Larry wasn't a zombie yet. Still, I was with Kenny the whole time, feeding his kid both episodes, protecting Duck from Larry in ep 1, just for him to leave me to die the only time I disagreed with him. The man is garbage.

    Now, since my "screw Kenny" playthrough, I can see how big a piece of trash he is.

    This is the only game I have played that has actually made me feel betrayed by a character...keep up the good work telltale.
  • I totally agree. I was so pissed at kenny i didn't know what to do! It made me think about how he didn't even save shawn once duck was free. He may have you back if you sided with him but it is possible that he will turn on you later in the game. Not once has he attempted to save clem and he only want's lee around to protect his family. also the choice makes me think that he just wanted to get rid of larry him self! If lilly doesn't have her dad there is no one to back her up and he can be the leader. As the episodes continue it start to show his true nature.Theres one thing to protect your family but once you are in the situation that they are in now you form a new family. I had to create a whole new storage save just for kenny i am just that pissed at him lol
  • I went through and replayed as well as I completely neglected Kenny and left him and his family to starve. Even saving my energy bars... although they don't follow me. I guess after 3 months, 'Urban' people get hungry too.

    Was slightly sad that my batteries didn't follow me over. I purposefully kept them just to see if I could watch the video earlier. Nope!
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