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[PC]Well! I give up, I can't play Episode 2.

posted by Tony510 on - last edited - Viewed by 168 users
I have tried everything I possibly can to get it to work and no matter what I only got it to work one time and only one time and that was just after release. When I try to load a save into Episode 2 all I get is a black screen with the main menu cursor and axe inventory on the left side. I've tried loading separate saves and get the same thing, I've tried rewinding to different points in other saves and those get black screens now. The one save I had that did play Episode 2 where I completed it now will not load and it too has a black screen.

So I tried validating the files, that didn't work. I've tried re-installing the game, that didn't work. I've tried deleting every Walking Dead related file off of my PC down to the registry and re-installing and (reluctantly) starting a game from scratch, also didn't work and the Black Screen returns as soon as I go from Ep 1 to Ep 2.

The only way I'm able to play Episode 2 now is by doing a complete purge of TWD from my PC, re-installing it and directly jumping to to Ep. 2 which kind of defeats the point of the game if I'm just rolling in with completely random decisions not of my own accord. So at this point all I can do is post this and sit and twiddle my thumbs until this gets fixed. Just thought you all should know in case anyone else is having this issue.
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  • yep, same issue here. Just wish that they would at least have a "known issues" sticky or something where they can acknowledge bugs so we know they are actually doing something about it.
  • Replying to this as well as in other save game related threads:

    I've just did a complete re-install of TWD including cleaning up everything i could find and then placing a single backup savegame into the /documents/telltale/the walking dead folder (where the original ones where kept) and the game does not even see that.

    I'm stumped and I give up for the weekend. It's gonna be a nice summer day tommorow. Call me when it's patched and i'll give it another whirl.. Bourbon anyone?
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