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TWD: How can I play episode 2?

posted by SupahFly on - last edited - Viewed by 432 users
Hi guys, I'm already frustrated - how can I play episode 2? I've bought the game, I've already played episode 1 and I just want to play episode 2. In the Download contents area there are entries for all parts and there is one "Installed" entry on the top of the right entries and three others saying Coming soon. Anyway I don't know how to play episode 2 - first I thought I should play episode 1 once more till the end, I've done it, I've watched the video for the next episode, I've watched the cast titles but then I got back to the normal screen of the game. And there is no button for playing the second episode. :confused:
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  • it should allow you to view the select view windows for future episodes and let you play from there . or selecting the episode from the dlc window
  • Where is this select view windows normally? Or the dlc windows?
  • if the game is cracked then it is impossible cause my case are similar to yours
  • every time I try to download episode 2 it gets to like it tells me Im losing internet connection and make me start the download over again. I went through that for like 6 hours! what is the deal? I know I'm not losing connection because it was connected via ethernet and wifi at 2 different locations? what do I do?????
  • The game is not cracked, it's the installer from the telltale web site...
  • It says episode 2 is installed?
    Select your saved game and play. Are you playing with a mouse or gamepad? if playing with mouse, there will be an arrow on the right beside Episode 1 a New Day click to to get to episode 2 and click on play. if a gamepad it will be RB press it then you will see episode 2.
  • oo i see the it suppose to work
  • Okay, now I know that there is something wrong with the installation of the second episode. I've suspected it when I tried to download it because my internet connection was very bad and I resumed the download several times before I got "Installed" somehow although the error message that my internet connection is bad was still there. Next question - is there any way to uninstall only episode 2 and to install/download it again? I've tried to uninstall the whole game but the message "Installed" was still there for the second episode.
  • I finally decided to uninstall the whole game (including preferences and saved games). After that I've installed it again and now it looks completely different - additional pictures, menus and so on. But the most important thing - now I can switch to the other episodes so the problem is solved.
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