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MAC Version TWD EP 1 game play choices not in EP 2

posted by digimanny on - last edited - Viewed by 105 users
According to a post for MAC users of TWD we were to download TWD again from the Telltale games site. So I did what was instructed. Once I successfully downloaded the game it created another game file. So now I have two files of the game, "The Walking Dead" and "Thewalkingdead". When I saw this, I knew that my game play choices were not going to be in EP 2. Sure enough. It's as if I never played episode 1 and all save slots are empty. I haven't found anything helpful in the forum to correct this issue without having to replay episode 1. Is there a fix/correction for this?
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  • I forgot to mention: When I open the game, I click play to start the game, the next screen shows where you can scroll through the episodes. When I chose EP 2, it asks about random story decisions when skipping episodes. When I choose "No", it doesn't go to the game and does nothing. Choosing yes just starts the game without any progress from EP1.
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