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The Sam and Max-DeSoto

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Hello there, everybody!

I always wondered, what kind of DeSoto exacly Sam and Max own. Doing the research to answer that question, I got the Idea, that Sam and Max changed their Desoto (bought a new one or stuff) before Season one begins (or the designers didn't work carefully, which i don't assume)..

So, firstly there's another Logo on the Side of the car.. Before Season 1, there ALWAYS was a STAR (different stars sometimes, ok, but a star), like here, on the cover of htr.. And well, looking at that cover, another thing appealed to me: In season one, they drive a cabriolet. Before, it's always a normal car.. It may look as if they'd drive a cabriot on the htr-cover, too, but that's the windows -> In the game, you can see the roof, like here ->

Well that about the different car in Season one.. but hey, perhaps they took a saw and sawed the roof off? (and oversprayed the star)?.. No, they didn't, because the season 1 desoto seems to be a completely different model.. watch that: and compare it to the htr-desotos above.. the rear is a LOT bigger than in htr.. Also, it looks completely different than the one from the DeSoto Firedome, which i first guessed to be the sam and max-desoto. Like this one: But that can't be true at any point, cause the firedome always got 3 seperated lights on each side (as you can see on the picture).. The Sam and Max Desoto hasn't, which means, it must be after 1960-desoto, because every desoto in a long time before had those 3 lights... So it HAS to be a 1960-fireflite or an 1960-adventurer (The 1961-adventurer has different front lights).. In MY opinion, it HAS to be the fireflite, because the adventurer is much bigger than the sam and max-desoto.. But since season 1, the sam and max - desoto is also got much bigger, and it looks more like an adventurer, if you just look at those 2 opportunities, because in fact, i think the season 1-desoto doesn't look like an existing DeSoto at all! (because of it's giat rear)..

however, what do you think?
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  • TsekoSifona;34297 said:
    The car from Season 1 is not the same as from Hit The Road. When you click on the bent park meter in front of the book store, Sam says that Max did something to it, so he had to get a new one.
    Correct, something along the lines of
    Sam : "Do you remember what happend to our old car max?"
    Max : "Quit nagging me about it already!"
  • Maybe the old car was Pre-HTR and comics.
  • Max pushed it off a cliff with Sam in it. Someone posted the drawing of it.

    Then again, if the ending credits for Episode 6 are any indication of Max's driving skill, maybe Sam made the same mistake he did in the introduction to Hit the Road and let Max behind the wheel again.
  • Wow, i see.. so they DID change their car. but the questin, which car they drive in season 1, remains!
  • It could very easily be a 1960 DeSoto Fireflite. The Season 1 car would have to be a custom job, since that slanted tail-fin design debuted in 1960, a year when DeSoto discontinued production of convertibles.
  • I wonder if Steve Purcell has a Sam & Max custom Desoto he shows off at Pixar's Motorama... maybe that could answer the question as to what year of the car the Freelance police drive.
  • its a long wait to season 2 isn't it :p
  • Zeek;34412 said:
    I wonder if Steve Purcell has a Sam & Max custom Desoto he shows off at Pixar's Motorama... maybe that could answer the question as to what year of the car the Freelance police drive.
    If it is indeed modeled after a single specific car, then it's definately a 1960 DeSoto something. The 1960s were the only year with that arrangement of headlights and tail fins.
    I'd be hard-pressed decide between the Fireflite and the Adventurer (which, honestly, I can't really tell the difference between anyway), but it's been stated elsewhere that it's an Adventurer, so I see no reason to argue.

    The Season 1 car has a few modifications from any standard 1960 DeSoto Fireflite\Adventurer - it's a convertible (or at least it's been converted, considering we don't know for sure that the top actually does go back up), it's got the hood scoop and the side-pipes, there are covers on the rear wheel-wells, the side mirrors are missing, and the hood ornament and other bits of trim have been replaced with some fancy bits of pinstriping.
  • No Reason to argue? Of course I got a reason to argue! uhmm, let me think a while ^^

    Whatever, it's clear now, that the old desoto was a 1960 adventurer.. But I don't think the Season1 Desoto is a normal desoto anyway.. I think it's some kind of a complete new invented car, that looks a bit like a desoto.. Actually, as we can see in the webcomic, Sam and Max are now in the 00's, not in the "whatever htr played in"'s.. So perhaps because they didn't find a cool desoto (the rust got them all) they went to a custom-plasticine-car-designer and told him to make a cool, new desoto-like thing.. Let's just call it the INFERNAL SUPER-DESOTO...

  • Nah, I think the new one is still a Desoto, just souped-up (as opposed to being made from scratch).
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