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I'm voting Lee Everett!

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So am I the only person excited about the prospect of Lee becoming the group's new leader in future episodes?

I honestly never considered it until Carley suggested it to him on the way over to the dairy (not sure if Doug does the same thing), but the more I think about it the better of an idea is sounds.

Episode 2 sort of highlighted what makes Lilly and Kenny conflict as leaders (one being too much of a strict survivalist while the other is too emotional), but I think there biggest weakness is what they have in common: they are both way too high-strung to be diplomatic (granted Larry almost always made it worse).

Lee on the other hand seems to have that skill in abundance (or at least that's how I have always played him). Plus he is already the guy who 'gets stuff done', so it seems like he would be perfect for the role.

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  • i vote for clementine.
  • I'm fine listening to arguing leaders and agreeing with one.

    Making the decisions would weight to much on me as if the ones we have to make aren't hard enough.
  • CapnJay;632853 said:
    i vote for clementine.

    Screw what I said.

    This and duck as secondary leader.
  • jangjangchang;632855 said:
    Screw what I said.

    This and duck as secondary leader.
    Total cop out. :rolleyes:
  • I would vote for Mark, but his campaign needs a leg up.
  • lee can be clems enforcer
  • SkippyMcSkipster;632858 said:
    I would vote for Mark, but his campaign needs a leg up.
    Yeah, it doesn't really look like it can stand on it's own.
  • It's very stressful being on top. Don't judge them too harshly.
  • I agree with the original poster completely. As much as I like Kenny, I feel ready to lead this group. If the group is going to fracture without a rational leader (it appears ready to) it's time for Lee to step up and guide this proverbial ship.

    Lily has just lost a dear loved one and isn't in the right state of mind to make decisions involving anyone but number one. Kenny on the other hand is smart, but hasty. I, as Lee, have dialogue options, making me the optimal choice to lead the group.

    No one else has four different ideas for any given situation. Ben has the silent option, sure, and Clem the questioning one. Lily has the B button option for comBatative and Kenny has the A for Acquiesce. I'm the one with options. I'm the one to lead.
  • I have a feeling that's where the story is headed anyway. It's why I opted to kick the guy into the fence, like a boss.
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